Recording FAQs

Is a copy of a document accepted for recording?
Copies are not accepted for recording, only original documents which will be returned to the individual in three days.

If two individuals own a property, could that property be sold without the other person’s involvement?
If two individuals own a property a sale cannot take place without both parties signing said document

If husband and wife own a property and one person dies, what document is required to change ownership?
A death certificate will remove the name of the deceased party.

Does a Land Contract change ownership?
A Land Contract does not change ownership.

If one person owned property and is now deceased, will the property be passed on automatically to the children if they had a will?
Although a will is present, that property will have to be probated. To do so, an attorney living on island will have to present that situation to court.

Can anyone place a lien against property?
Yes, depending on what type of lien it is.

What types of lien forms are available in your office?
We have Notice of Construction Lien and Notice of Commencement of Action Forms.

When will the Property Tax Bill change to reflect the new owner’s name?
If a deed is recorded in one year the Tax Assessor Office will reflect the new owner’s name the following tax year.

How many witnesses are needed if a document is notarized in the Virgin Islands or the continental United States?
If a document is notarized in the Virgin Islands two witnesses are needed. For the continental United States, it depends on what laws that state follows.