Administrative Orders - Table of Contents

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Section 1 - Local Rules
RULE NO. 2 Consolidation of Related Cases in Family Law Matters
RULE NO. 4 Special Jury Districts for Monroe County
RULE NO. 5 Jury Selection
RULE NO. 6 Division of Court
RULE NO. 7 The Establishment of the Familty Law Division

Section 2 - General Applicability
2.001 19-2 Termination of Orders
2.002 04-1 Mediation
2.002 02-1 Mediation
2.002 Mediation
2.003 Release of Bonds
2.004 17-3 Circuit Court Division Assignments; Official Headquarters
2.004 18-1 Circuit Court Division Assignments; Official Headquarters
2.004 18-2 Circuit Court Division Assignments; Official Headquarters
2.004 19-1 Circuit Court Division Assignments; Official Headquarters
2.005 19-1 County Court Division Assignments; Official Headquarters
2.005 17-3 County Court Division Assignments; Official Headquarters
2.006 Recordation of Death Certificate
2.007 03-1 Duty Judges/Emergencies
2.007 02-1 Duty Judges/Emergencies
2.007 96-1 Duty Judges/Emergencies
2.008 09-1 Court Appointed Attorneys
2.009 Sentencing Guidelines/Local Procedures
2.012 02-1 Electronic Recording of Depositions
2.012 99-1 Electronic Recording of Depositions
2.018 Complaint Affidavit Procedures
2.020 97-1 Circuit Court and County Divisions/Transfer Provisions
2.021 Designation of Branch Courthouse
2.024 03-1 Motions to Compel Discovery
2.025 Filing in Circuit and County Courts
2.027 Habeas Corpus Proceedings /Filing Fees Not Required
2.032 Certified Process Servers
2.034 Pretrial Release/Procedures for Setting Bail
2.036 Stipulations for Continuance of Trial Dates in Criminal Actions
2.037 Jury Selection Time Limitations
2.039 01-1 Court Reporting Services Plan
2.039 99-1 Court Reporting Services Plan
2.039 98-1 Court Reporting Services Plan
2.039 95-1 Court Reporting Services Plan
2.039 Court Reporting Services Plan
2.043 98-1 Procedure for the Classification and Assignment Inmates to Work release within Monroe County Detention Facilities
2.044 Jury Fee Donation
2.046 10-1 Staff Attorney Access To Judicial Records
2.047 Family Court Staff access to Judicial Records
2.048 Court Reporting Plan for Death Penalty Trials and Capital Postconviction Proceedings
2.049 Divisions of Court
2.055 Instructions For The Use Of Form Developed By The Florida Supreme Court To Determine Indigent Status For The Purpose Of Appointing The Public Defender Or Private Attorney
2.057 Expenditure Of Judge's Office Funds - Responsibility Of Parties
2.058 Indigent Status and Payment Schedules Determined by Clerk of Court
2.059 Sealing of Court Records
2.062 Compensation of Court Appointed Counsel in Excess of Statutory Limits
2.063 10-1 Uniform Bond Schedule
2.064 Judicial Facility Security and Screening Procedures
2.065 13-1 Vehicle Immobilization
2.066 19-1 Court Interpreter Program Protocol
2.067 Americans with Disabilies Act of 1990
2.068 Technological Coverage of Judicial Proceedings
2.069 Prohibition on Use of Cellular Telephones and Personal Communications Devices in the Courtroom
2.070 Reassignment of Cases
2.071 14-1 Court Appointed Attorneys and Compensation Rates for Due Process Services
2.072 Establishment of Civil Case Management Plan
2.073 Distribution of Summaries of FCIC/NCIC Criminal History of Defendants
2.074 Establishment of Local Professionalism Panel
2.075 17-1 Appointment of Memebers to Local Professionalism Panel
2.076 Sixteenth Judicial Circuit Pro Bond Committee

Section 3 - Circuit Court Civil
3.001 Orders/Judgments Submitted for Signature
3.002 Petitions for Rehearings/Civil Division
3.003 Case Reporting Procedures for "Jimmy Ryce Involuntary Civil Committment for Sexually Violent Predators' Treatment and Care" Act Cases
3.009 Case Status Reporting Requirements for Real Property Mortgage Foreclosure Cases

Section 4 - Circuit Court Criminal
4.001 04-1 Assessment of Costs of Prosecution in Criminal Cases
4.003 Interviews of Young Victims in Child and Sexual Abuse Cases
4.004 04-1 Required DNA Testing for Offenders Convicted of Certain Felonies
4.006 Extradition
4.007 02-1 Drug Court Costs Assessment
4.007 Drug Court Costs Assessment
4.008 Location Of Depositions in Criminal Cases
4.010 Establishment Of An Adult Diversion Treatment-Based Drug Court Program
4.011 Pretrial Services
4.012 Forfeiture and Disposal of Illegally Taken Fish and Wildlife

Section 5 - Family Law
5.002 05-06 Injunctions For Protection Against Domestic Violence
5.004 Mandatory Disclosure of Title IV-D Cases Pursuant to the Family Law Rules of Procedure
5.013 03-1 Approval Of Parent Education And Family Stabilization Courses
5.014 The Establishment of the Family Court Self-Help Program
5.015 Family Court Case Management Project
5.017 10-1 Appointment of Special Magistrates in Family Court Proceedings
5.026 Approval of Standard Forms for use in Family Court Self-Help program
5.027 Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law forms and Florida Family Rules of Procedure Forms
5.029 Visitation Mediation Program
5.030 Arrearage Calculation Sheet Requirements
5.031 The Establishment of the Family Law Division
5.032 03-2 Procedures for Handling Violations of Injunctions for Protection
5.032 03-1 Procedures for Handling Violations of Injunctions for Protection
5.034 Administrative Order Approving A Form And Instructions For Filing Notice Of Related Cases In Family Law Matters
5.035 Procedures for Appointment of Appellate Counsel in Dependency Appeals
5.036 10-1 Monroe County Treatment-Based Dependency Drug Court Program
5.037 Family and Dependency Mediation
5.038 15-1 Appointment of Administrative Judge for Family Court
5.039 Procedures Relating to Emergency Matters in the Family Court Division
5.040 Parental Notice of Abortion Act Cases

Section 6 - Probate and Guardianship
6.002 97-2 Guardian Ad Litem Program
6.002 97-1 Guardian Ad Litem Program
6.003 Probate Adversary Proceedings/Caption of Documents and Filing by Clerk
6.006 Guardianship Investment of Property into Brokerage Accounts
6.007 97-1 Appointment of Special Master for Involuntary Commitment Hearings
6.008 Approval of Guardianship Education Provider
6.009 10-1 Appointment of General and Special Magistrates For Involuntary Placement And Involuntary Treatment Hearings
6.010 Guardianship Accounting Standards
6.011 Proceedings to Prohibit Purchase of Firearms by the Mentally Ill
6.012 Procedures for Risk Proteccion Orders

Section 7 - Juvenile Division
7.002 Order Authorizing Notices to Appear in Juvenile Cases and Establishing Procedures for Issuance of Notices to Appear
7.003 Case Plans and Judicial Review Reports in Juvenile Dependency Cases
7.004 Juvenile Drug Court Program Eligibility And Assessment
7.005 Evacuation Procedures for Dependent Children
7.006 Establishment Of A Treatment Based Juvenile Drug Court Program

Section 8 - Appellate Division
8.005 06-1 County Court Appeals and Related Procedures
8.005 14-1 County Court Appeals and Related Procedures
8.005 14-2 County Court Appeals and Related Procedures

Section 10 - County Court Criminal and Traffic
10.003 Traffic Infractions
10.004 01-1 Notice to Appear
10.007 01-1 Court Costs for Local Law Enforcement Training
10.008 Establishment of Civil Traffic Infraction Hearing Officer Program
10.010 Implementation of County Ordinance 017.2004

Section 11 - Internal Procedures and Policies
11.003 99-1 Policy on Harassment and Discrimination
11.004 Personnel Rules and Regulations/Attendance Requirements
11.007 Court Holidays
11.008 Recess Upon Posting of Hurricane Warnings
11.009 Judicial Personnel
11.010 08-1 Appropriate Attire
11.011 13-1 Court Security Personnel Requirements
11.012 10-1 Emergency Preparedness
11.014 Authorization and Approval of Travel and Contracts
11.016 Judicial Annual Leave
11.017 Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures for Complaints Against Judges
11.018 Administrative Plan
Emergency Order Order Suspending Court Operations Due to Threat of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Conditions

Section 12 - Special Assignment Orders
12.003 18-2 County Judges: Temporary and Special Assignment Circuit Court
12.003 19-1 County Judges: Temporary and Special Assignment Circuit Court
12.022 19-1 Special Assignment Senior Judge
12.027 19-1 Assignment of Circuit Court Cases

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